Death By Cafe Day

Of all the things that I expected to experience when starting my first “grown-up” job in Chicago, coping with the effects of the beloved “Cafe Day” was certainly not one of them. At CDW, a Cafe Day is a very happy time when other companies bring in delicious lunches, snacks, drinks, etc. and use it to lure coworkers into a central place so they can pitch some sort of technology or service so we sell/promote their product. I’m pretty sure that’s how it works, at least. However, I’m in Coworker Services (HR), and we don’t sell anything (other than the company, I suppose), so it’s pretty much just free food. And it’s awesome.

Cafe Days can be just about anything. We have had energy drinks topped with “Crackheads,” a build-your-own nacho bar, apple cider, bbq brisket, deli sandwiches, Jamba Juice smoothies … you get the idea. It’s lovely.

The best days, though, are dessert days. I work with a very smart girl who happens to love sweets as much as me (actually, I’d venture out to say that she loves them even more than me). She is my partner in crime when it comes to all Cafe Days involving desserts, whether it’s build-your-own Cold Stone ice cream sundaes or a chocolate fountain. Today was another one of those epic dessert Cafe Days: a caramel apple bar.

Rocky Mountain Candy Factory was the sponsor of today’s cafe day, and with them, they brought an entire cornucopia of caramel apples. There was a huge table lined with caramel apples of every variety! There were caramel apples dipped in Reeses Pieces, Butterfinger pieces, toffee bits, chocolate chips, cheesecake, nuts, apple pie, M&Ms and more! I couldn’t even believe my eyes. I had to walk up and down the table more than once to make up my mind which one I wanted — this was an important decision! I went with Reeses Pieces and my two fellow coordinators got apple pie (which looked like caramel, then icing/cream, then dipped in graham cracker crumbs) and nuts.

So for everyone reading this who doesn’t work at CDW, you can order your own online on Rocky Mountain Candy Factory’s website. And you should probably do that right now.

You know, the point of this was supposed to get around to how I need to be careful because I’m going to end up gaining a zillion pounds. However, in the midst of getting there, I just ended up re-realizing how freaking awesome Cafe Days are. So fellow coworkers of mine, when you notice an extra layer of pudge developing around my middle, please do me a solid here and stop telling me when the Cafe Days are. Thanks, team! Meanwhile, I’m going to eat this apple …


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