Editorial Schedule

EmJoyable is a jam-packed, all-inclusive guide to living life by The Book. There’s a lot of content that often touches on a wide array of topics but all coming down to one core theme: celebrating every day. To do that, I try to stick to five daily sub-categories. This is the content schedule I try to follow as closely as possible.

*   *   *

Mondays: Recipes

  • Festive, easy and delicious recipes from my kitchen to yours.

Tuesdays: Photos

  • Photo galleries of my weekly adventures.

Wednesdays: Crafts

  • Easy DIY crafts, often involving crocheting and holidays.

Thursdays: Inspiration

  • Someone or something to check out! A collection of websites, people and products that I truly love.

Fridays: Activities & Mini Movie Review

  • Ideas for things to go do, ways to celebrate special days or  suggestions on making your current plans even better. Not always a weekly post.
  • Dinner and a movie is my weekly Friday tradition. So every week, I share a quick critique of a new movie.

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