Springfield & Pancakes

I grew up loving Abe Lincoln. It was basically a requirement in Springfield, Illinois, where every year in grade school you would visit at least one of the Lincoln sites around town. Other than the sanitation plant, local junior college plays and the one BIG trip to the St. Louis Zoo, the Lincoln sites were prime field trip material.

That’s only slightly related to the post, which just needed to start with “I’m from (a small town near) Springfield, Illinois.” When my husband and I visited my family recently, we moseyed on over to downtown Springfield for this fun little photo shoot. It really is a darling downtown — all 8 blocks of it. Sometimes it’s just really nice to get away from the giant city of Chicago, and be able to visit my hometown where miles away are equivalent to minutes away and beers don’t cost $10.

I also wanted to share this pancake “recipe” with you! While I was in town, my mom and I kind of just made them up on the fly and they were absolutely wonderful!! I had to share.

Island Pancakes

Prepared pancake batter
Strawberries, chopped
Coconut, shredded
Bananas, sliced
White Chocolate, melted
Walnuts, chopped (optional)

Make any kind of pancake batter that you like. We just used boxed mix. Pour the batter on the griddle just as you normally would, but while the batter is still wet, top each pancake with a sprinkle of strawberries and coconut. Then add a little extra batter on top of the additions to prevent them from burning. Flip and cook through.

Drizzle with white chocolate, top with sliced bananas and add nuts if you’re feeling it. Serve with pineapple and mimosas on the porch.





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