A Sparkly Halloween

There’s two types of people in the world: those who plan their Halloween costume in June and those who don’t.

The June Planners are the craft-ers, the DIY-ers, who spend the next four months coming up with their costume idea and working out the logistics from the tights to the eyeshadow. They think beyond the sexy storybook characters (and let’s be honest, the June Planners are never “sexy” anything) and they bring their ideas to life. They draw inspiration from movies, puns, board games, musicians – and sometimes, their fruit basket. They transform sponges into dinosaurs and cotton into gnomes. They can turn felt into anything.

This year – before I was even picking out my red, white and blue – I was brainstorming the sparkliest costume I could think of. I really was just looking for something that would call for super sparkly eyeshadow. I had originally thought snowflake, but with “Frozen” all the rage, I would have gotten zero creativity points. I was rewatching “One Tree Hill” at the time and stumbled upon the Halloween episode where Brooke goes as an orange as part of a couple costume for “A Clockwork Orange”.

And it was go time. Brooke was the cutest fruit I’d ever seen – the hat and tights were genius – but I was going to attempt to top it. And so it was decided – I’d be grapes. I would make a tiny, sparkly stem headband and I would wear purple tights and I would wear the sparkliest purple eyeshadow (which conveniently brings out the green in my eyes) and it would be fantastic.

And it was.


The costume was pretty simple.

  • Purple tights – $5 at Target (already had them)
  • DIY dress using iron-on hem, sticky Velcro, and 1 yard of purple fabric – $3 on Amazon
  • 5″ Purple Balloons – $8 on Amazon (but you could TOTALLY get them cheaper at a party store, but I couldn’t get to one)
  • Safety Pins – $1 at the Dollar Store (already had them)
  • Sparkly purple eyeshadow and mascara – Claire’s for $8 (DON’T go the day before Halloween unless you have a death wish)
  • Sparkle stem headband – plain headband, empty aluminum foil roll, sparkly green paper, sparkly green ribbon and hot glue – Michaels/just laying around



So I leave you with 2 pieces of advice: you can be just about anything for Halloween if you put your mind to it and go to Michaels the Sunday before Halloween for 70% party supplies and throw the cutest Halloween party ever.

IMG_3704 IMG_3705 IMG_3703 IMG_3699 IMG_3698


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