Meet me in St. Louis

This weekend, I got to head to St. Louis, Missouri, to see one of my very best friends. We’ve been friends since we met on the balance beam at Fun Shop when we were 3 years old. Then we went … Continue reading


Baked Goat Cheese

This recipe is so easy that I’m not even sure it counts as an actual recipe. At our usual Friday Restaurant, P.J. Clarke’s, we ordered the Baked Goat Cheese once. We were pretty shocked by how delicious it was. Then we … Continue reading


Grown-up(ish) Friendship Bracelets

For the first time since 5th grade, I found myself making friendship bracelets the other day. These bracelets weren’t just for the girl sitting by me in PE. Oh no. These bracelets were important. My friend was moving to Texas and … Continue reading


Puff Pastry Poppers

In the same Food Network show that prompted the Lemon Pavlovas a few weeks ago, was a series of recipes involving puff pastry. I’ve never used puff pastry, but after watching it made into chocolate turnovers, napoleons and pot pies, … Continue reading


Indiana Beach = Success!

Indiana Beach is probably the best tradition I get to be a part of by dating my boyfriend! His friends go every year, wear matching shirts and have a blast. I’ve gotten to go for the past two years, and … Continue reading


Pretzel Bites & Cheese Sauce

When I was a kid, I was really ambitious in the kitchen. There was nothing I was scared of. I would try to make everything from chocolate crepes to cheese crackers to mint oreos. Usually, I got pretty lucky and … Continue reading


Indiana Beach

I’m not really the camping type. I require a shower immediately upon waking up, I like to be able to flip a switch and have hot coffee and I don’t really like bugs. Fortunately, I use the term “camping” very liberally when describing my upcoming trip. I’m only camping in so far as I’m sleeping in a tent. I will be a hop, skip and a jump away from running water, a coffee shop and an entire amusement/water park. So I’m actually pretty excited it! This magical place is two hours, 115 miles and a whole world away from Sweet Home Chicago in Monticello, IN: the home of the classy Indiana Beach.

This will be my second trip to Indiana Beach, but my boyfriend and his friends go every year. Before the trip last year, I was nervous. I had heard all the crazy stories, but all I knew for sure was that I had a custom-made jersey, screen printed in neon, with my name on it that I was actually encouraged to wear in public.

Here are a few things I learned last year:

  1. They sell bagels at the coffee shop. Eat them.
  2. Bring Tylenol
  3. Don’t try to shave your legs in the showers
  4. Don’t touch anything in the showers. In fact, unless you’re an OCD shower-taker like me, I’d suggest avoiding the showers entirely.
  5. Make friends with your neighbors. They might give you meat.
  6. Don’t drink your rootbeer too fast
  7. Bring two towels
  8. Shirts are optional
  9. Drink more water
  10. Bring tennis shoes so they let you on the ropes course
  11. Don’t hope for an actual beach if you dont want to be let down
  12. Leave your inhibitions at the secured, gated and guarded entrance because you will probably feel extremely uncomfortable at some point
  13. Don’t feed the carp. (Or do. I was never sure about that one.)

Even knowing all that, I still only feel slightly more prepared for the adventure this year compared to last year. I do know, though, that I couldn’t be more excited!


Chicago’s Finest

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Somedays, I swear that Chicago is the greatest city in the world. (I only say “somedays” because the other days I’m still trying to get used to the excessive traffic and lines at Starbucks.) This Saturday, was definitely one of … Continue reading


Lemon Pavlovas with Berries

The other day, I was sitting at my friend’s house and the Food Network was on. It was supposed to just be background noise, but Giada at Home came on and she was doing a dessert episode. Obviously, it immediately … Continue reading