When I was in high school, fall Friday nights were for Rochester football games, Steak N Shake and bon fires. Friday nights were for French braids, cheerleading hoodies and swishy pants. Friday nights were the best. With the whole weekend in front of me and school a distant afterthought at best, I was free — well, as free as I could be with a strict midnight curfew.

High school feels so long ago now, but that sparkle attached to fall Friday nights hasn’t faded. Even more than Saturday nights, even more than Sunday nights of a three-day weekends, Friday nights are magical. They’re made for old friends, new friends, best friends. They’re made for adventures, for romance, for making memories. 

Grown-up Friday nights in the City are a whole different ballgame. They might be a lot more expensive than Steak N Shake cheese fries and s’mores, but they also have so much potential. I’m still fascinated by the options of things to do in Chicago compared to in Central Illinois. This whole town twinkles. 

So in the spirit of reliving my glory days, kind of, my man and I are hitting the town for an epic, kind of, Friday night. And by epic, I actually just mean a very classic, and slightly stereotypical Friday night on the town.

The plan? Cocktails and appetizers, followed by the main course of popcorn and sour skittles at a movie (Moneyball to be exact), then home to cuddle on the couch with a bottle of champaign and some old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. So here’s to reliving the sparkle of Friday nights. Here’s to making new memories … the right way.

[Pictures to follow]

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