Home Decor: Wall Hangs

This is my third and final post on home décor. Previously, I talked about utilizing space and surface tops. As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, I’m no expert. I do what I like and focus on what I think looks pretty and what seems practical to me, and then I share it with you. I’ve enjoyed this little mini series! I think I might do more similar things! But not until I complete this one. We’ve covered the floor plan and decorating desk tops, so what’s left? Decorating the walls!

My walls are not very exciting. I feel like the most important thing about walls is the colors, and I haven’t painted mine. That will have to be a future post. So I will keep this post short and sweet. I have three things that I think everyone needs.

1. A Photo Hallway

Growing up, we had family photos hanging up everywhere. The first hall when you walked in had a school photo of each of us kids (which maxed with our senior portraits, so they started to look a little dated) around a group photo of the whole family dressed in denim from when we were all pretty little. If you took a left, the entire main hallway was full of framed photos hanging up. I feel like every time I walked down the hall I found a photo I didn’t know was there. I remember a few of them very clearly … like the one of my cousin and I in our diapers and our matching “Sun Your Bunnies” shirts or the one of my grandma, my mom and I all all dressed in red. (Maybe Mom’s reading this and could figure out how to scan those photos and send them to me and I can share them!) Any way, I couldn’t picture a hallway that wasn’t wall papered with photos! So that was really important to me in my first apartment with a legitimate hallway. I don’t have a family of my own, but I do have a boyfriend and an epic trip to Disney World. So our hallway is full of Disney ride pictures! Which I love!

2. There’s No Place Like Home

I think it’s important to always have something that reminds you of where you came from. If you’re from Chicago or New York, a skyline or landmark picture is probably the perfect touch. When you’re from Springfield, IL, where the skyline consists of exactly two buildings over 20 stories, unless you want a framed photo of an Abe Lincoln impersonator or one of many buildings where Abe ate, slept or walked ever, you are pretty limited in your choice of memorabilia. I have this one picture that I’ve grown really attached to though. I’m pretty sure it’s taken from the parking garage downtown Springfield that I would go to all the time with my friends in high school, so the view is really familiar for me. Anyway, I think it’s pretty and it reminds me of home, so I keep it in a pretty frame and hang it on the wall by the door to my room. [Sorry the picture is so dark!]

3. Puzzles

Er? Or is that just me? I stinkin’ LOVE puzzles. I love putting them together, and I love that after you glue them, you just got yourself a really cool new piece of art for your wall! For a while, I exclusively did skyline puzzles, glued them and hung them in my old bedroom at my last apartment. I branched out a little bit, and I don’t hang up all of my puzzles anymore, but I definitely still have one on display.