Crochet Shamrock

I wanted to share a fun little crochet project I just learned. It’s a cute little shamrock that’s pretty simple to make. I have shared crochet projects before, which I’m sure you know I love, but I feel like my instructions are hard when they’re typed out instead of demonstrated. So I built a little makeshift camera rig and got to work. I’ve never made a crochet video before, so I’m sorry if I got out of the shot sometimes. I tried really hard I promise! I hope you guys find this helpful!

I got the idea from Pinterest and the directions from Skip to my Lou. I plan to stitch my into garland like this.

If you are familiar with crochet instructions, here are the steps:

Chain 4. Join with slip stitch to make a ring.

Petals: Chain 3, tc, dc, tc, ch 3, slip stitch in ring. (Repeat 3x)

Stem: Chain 6, skip 1, sc into remaining 4.

Go Do Cute Things – Valentine’s Day

I’m excited to announce a new component of EmJoyable called “Go Do Cute Things.” This is a video series that provides lots of ideas for cute things to go do! It’s all very simple. This is also my first video on EmJoyable, and I’m super excited to add the new dimension! So I hope you like it and that I’ve inspired you to go do cute things for Valentine’s day!