I Work Out

I definitely peaked in high school. I had the most friends, I had the most in-season clothes (since that was the only thing I had to pay for) and I definitely was in the best shape of my life. I ran track and cross-country, I cheered, I tumbled and I voluntarily worked out even outside of my sports. I wasn’t the fastest distance runner, but I could go 10 miles without stopping. I wasn’t the best sprinter, but I was head-over-heals-in-love with it and went to state in the 4×100.

I was never the best gymnastic, but I really enjoyed being upside down. And then there was cheerleading, and God did I love cheerleading. Cheerleading, I actually was pretty good at.

RHS Represent – ha!

I had my many senior nights and then I retired my spikes and hung up my pom pons and kissed my fit self goodbye. 

I ran a few times in college, usually on nice spring days or immediately following getting dumped, but not enough to make it stick. I joined the gymnastics club for a year, so that helped a little bit too I suppose. But then I turned 21 and I could say with 100% certainty that I had more vodka gimlets than I’d done sit ups.

A few days ago, a good friend, a perky cheerleader voice on the other end of the phone and a taste of Hip Hop Heat changed all of that. Now, I can proudly say, I work out! Well, at least I have since Monday. Watch out world, the glory days will return!

Anyway, so this week, I’ve been inspired to get my little butt back in shape! I joined Women’s Workout World, which despite sounding (and looking) like an 80’s pop song, has actually turned out to be quite fantastic! They have a different class everyday, ranging from Zumba to Simple (which is actually not simple) Step, which so far have been really great! Plus, even if we just go to four classes a week, it only costs me $1.62 a day! And that includes the quarter for a locker! What a steal! My friend Chrissy and I joined together, so between signing a one-year contract and the buddy system, there’s no way of getting out of this one! 

Wish me luck! Next step … making more friends.