Best. App. Ever.

And no, Jimmy Fallon, I do not mean cheese sticks. 

Since the iPad came out in 2010, Kenny wanted one, but couldn’t come up with enough things that he would actually use it for. I wanted one, but the only reason I had was Labyrinth. 

Last September, when I moved into my current apartment and started cooking and baking every Sunday, my reasons to want an iPad doubled. Now, I wanted an iPad to turn into my digital cookbook. I could just see it … my shiny tiny tablet on it’s pink cover that conveniently folds into a stand. It was gonna be great. 

Sadly, I couldn’t afford an iPad on my own, so I had to convince Kenny to want one too so we could split it. However, no matter how hard I tried, Labyrinth and a cookbook were still the only reasons I wanted an iPad. I must have said it enough times though because on Christmas, there was a brand new iPad under the tree. Best. Present. Ever.

So now that we had it, we were determined to put it to good use. Turns out, that wasn’t hard at all. We use it all the time and for just about everything. But my favorite app of all time out of all the apps I have on my ipod Touch, iPhone, MacBook Pro AND iPad, is hands down, The Recipe Box app

I went from this (only note quite because I wasn’t even this organized) ….

to this.

I can add recipes from anywhere with just a few clicks, add pictures, link to the original recipe, rate recipes, organize and categorize all my recipes! I don’t lose anything, I don’t forget which pizza crust recipe worked and which one stuck entirely to the pan, it’s like, the most amazing thing ever! Anyway, I just wanted to share it with you because I love it and I thought you might too! It’s $3.99, but totally worth it.