The Power of Photos

It’s obvious that photos posses a certain appeal unmatched by words alone (which is particularly unfortunate given that this blog is primarily text). Photos take fractions of seconds to digest compared to their written counter-parts. 

Photos pull people in. Every newspaper worth reading has a dominant photo (at least twice as big as the next biggest photo, at least as big as the next biggest story package and more than half of which is above the fold), every magazine features the best photo in the mag on the cover and no Facebook profile is complete with a very consciously selected Prof Pic. 

I read a really interesting article on Tech Crunch the other day, which kind of planted this idea in my head. The story was about Pinterest and how it is contributing to the “shift from search to discovery.” Basically, Pinterest is an inverted version of Google. With Google, you go in looking for “X,” Google will provide a list of best sources for “X,” you sift through them and come out with what you were looking for. Pinterest does the opposite and presents a wide array of ideas which can be used to figure out just what “X” is to Google. Got it? This is why I don’t write for Tech Crunch, but I hope you at least got the gist of it. 

So basically, what’s leading to this trend of sites like Pinterest is the fact that they’re producing ideas, not just results. They’re presenting ideas in the form of photos that are not only ascetically appealing, but are driving creativity and the organization of ideas online. It’s really quite fascinating. The photos feature finished products and link them directly to how to make them or where to buy them. What’s most fascinating is that the site capitalizes on the appeal of photos! Relatively small photos splatter the website with a variety of sizes and colors, which combined with a bottomless scroll that make for an addicting visitor experience.

Photos show instead of tell, which is very hard to do with words. So enough from me, go see for yourself! See what photos can do for you.

Behold the power of power of photos!