I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

My boyfriend was spot on the other day when he mentioned that “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” is severely underplayed. It was particularly fitting this evening at Zoo Lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

There was even a hippo there! I don’t know why anyone would want one for Christmas, but to each their own!

Anyway, tonight was the ultimate Christmas date night. Everyone needs to have at least one night (if not several!) devoted solely to Christmas and soaking up everything that the season has to offer. Tonight was that night. It was perfect!

*   *   *

When I got off work (near union station), I walked down Adams to State Street and up to Macy’s, where I met Kenny. We walked over to Millenium Park and went ice skating. It was just darling!

The picture doesn’t quite do it justice, but seeing the glowing skyline reflected back in the bean was beautiful!

After the Zamboni came out, we left to grab dinner at Panera. It was delicious, as always! We hopped on the 151 and headed north to Lincoln Park Zoo for Zoo Lights. It was so cute! We got hot cocoa and cider and saw the lights and the animals. There were lights everywhere!

Even inside was Christmasy! I love ribbons!

And I learned that I am, in fact, a human.

After the Zoo, we walked down Chicago’s Magnificent Mile and the millions of lights that frosted it.

Then we took the bus back home (chatting w/ a very strange, very drunk man). We made coffee, ate gingerbread cookies and watched Elf

Best. Night. EVER! 

Tomorrow is Woodfield Christmas shopping, Starbucks’ Grandma’s Turkey Sandwich, ice skating at Wrigley field and our friend’s Christmas party! I LOVE the holidays! I hope you can take advantage of all the holiday festivities that your town has to offer!

Saturday Night Lights

I might be in the minority among people who don’t have a financially vested interest in it, but I fully support the early onset of Christmas histeria on the streets, in the malls and on the radio, probably as early as mid-October. I see a lot of Facebook posts and Tweets complaining about Christmas taking over before Black Friday, but I don’t sympathize with that point of view. I’m a Christmas enthusiast who doesn’t like to set a limit on when we can start celebrating the greatest holiday ever.

Which is why Saturday is going to be to incredible. I’m talking, like, really incredible! Saturday is the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival. Now, I’ve never been to the event, but how could one million lights, Mickey Mouse and a Christmas theme possibly be anything less than fantastic!?

This is one of the many perks of living in the lovely city of Chicago. Well, I’m sure that New York, LA and probably many other cities in the country (and world I assume) also have equally great Christmas kick-off events, but Rochester, IL does not, so this is big news for this girl! Living in the City has a lot of perks and one million Christmas lights and a parade to mark the turning on of said lights is definitely one of them. 

Let me elaborate for everyone in Chicagoland who might be considering a trip downtown to celebrate. The Magnificent Mile is a one-mile stretch of north Michigan Avenue, lined with darling boutiques and shops that for the most part (ignoring Forever 21 and a few shops in Water Tower Place) no one can afford. And every year at Christmas, they frost the street in Christmas lights and transform it into a winter wonderland, and then they turn it all on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. To add to the event, there is all-day activities and a huge parade to kick off the event. The parade is led by none other than Mickey Mouse himself. 

So tomorrow, after I watch the Illini get their butts kicked by University of Wisconsin and I make it back to Chi-town from Champaign, you will find me cozied up with a Starbucks Gingerbread Latte, my hand-crocheted scarf and my boyfriend in hand. I hope everyone in the city and the burbs can make it out to event! And if you do, be sure to give me a call! 

Happy Holidays!