The “Em”my’s

I realize that I am by no means qualified to make a sound argument about the ranking of TV shows, given that I had never watched a full season of TV (other than Dawson’s Creek in 7th grade) before I started dating my boyfriend in February 2010, but it will not stop me from trying. I figured I could provide a different spin on the traditional Emmy winners, and give out my own “Em”my’s” (Get it? Since my name’s Emily? Too much?). In the past year and a half, I’ve watched more TV than my whole life combined. I’ve picked up on a few things here and there, I’ve developed a mild criticism for character and plot development, and most importantly, I’ve learned what I like and what I don’t like.


So in the eyes of a self-diagnosed “newb,” I present to you the winners of the first (possibly) annual “Em”my Awards.

Best Show That I Totally Missed: Grey’s Anatomy
I’m not sure what I was doing in 2005, but I was among the few people not falling in love with Meredith Grey. I hear the show gets bad, but so far I’m only at the part where she gets all cute and doped up on Morphine (S3,E5).

Sneak Attack: Lost
I thought that Lost sounded like the dumbest concept for a show in the history of the planet. I never expected to like Lost, and in fact, I almost didn’t ever get the chance to find out since the crash scene in the pilot almost made me throw up. But I powered through it, and it soon became the first TV show I watched in full — and I loved it.

Most Addicting: 24
I swear there were a few seasons of 24 that I only moved to get food and coffee or to shower.  

Most Overrated Series: Breaking Bad
I just could not hop on this bandwagon. There was barely a character on the show that I could even tolerate (and she died!), let alone one that I actually liked. The season-long arch’s were underwhelming and the “craziness” of the show just never really appealed to me. Pass!

Best Comedy: Modern Family
Apparently even the real TV critics agree with me on this one, so no need for me to state the obvious.

Funniest Comedy: Wizards of Waverly Place
Alex is so witty! It just never gets old! I’m not even embarrassed about this one. Salena Gomez and I would totally be friends if she ever gave me a shot.

Most Lovable Character: Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation) and Claire Littleton (Lost)
I had a really hard time deciding this one. While there are no ties in the real Emmy’s, there are ties in the “Em”my’s and the winner is BOTH of these lovely leading ladies. Leslie Knope for her adorable energy and dedication to cute things — that’s my kind of girl! Claire for being adorable, Australian and the only one willing to give Charlie a real chance — she’s just genuinely nice, and I support that.

Boomerang: How I Met Your Mother
started out phenomenal, went through a dry streak, but managed to come back strong this season. The show is finally starting to get back to the roots that it strayed away from last season, including Ted’s hopeless romanticism. The comedy is funnier, the story lines are stronger and season is already better than all of last season combined — and it’s only just starting.

Best Drama: Mad Men
Mad Men was a weird one because I was never particularly excited to see the next episode, but as soon as I started one I couldn’t turn away. It’s also just really pretty to watch. This show is really proof of how little I know about TV; I can’t pinpoint why I love it or what makes it good, but I just know that it is. 

Guilty Pleasure: Gossip Girl
I will always love Serena; Blaire and Chuck belong together; and I miss Jenny Humphrey before she went dark-eye crazy. I love the he-said-she-said bullshit because it makes me feel better about my life. I think that’s okay. 

Show I Really Need to Finish: Damages
I only watched the first season, but it was fantastic! I hear that the later seasons aren’t as good, so I’m hesitant to move forward, but I really do need to watch it anyway.

Cutest Couple: Troy and Abed (Community)
Come on! They’re hilarious! I’d say they’re one of the main reasons I love Community. Those bits at the end of the credits? Solid gold.

Thanks, folks! See you next year!