I have to kick this post off with a few shout-outs to some very special people that led to this fantastic craft project.

The first one goes out to my good friend, Hunter, and his 9-time-national-championship-winning shotgun team from Lindenwood University. The things that make him one my favorite people are innumerable but include teaching me how to shoot a gun (and making sure I don’t fall over doing it) and taking me for my first ride in a truck. He’s also been known to bring me LU Shooting t-shirts, including last year’s championship shirt — which I’m about to make slightly more awesome (if that was even possible).

The second goes out to my friend who shared this craft with me in the first place. I will refer to her as Kay (fake name) for the sake of this post (due to her slight paranoia of online ID theft and targeted advertising). Kay has been on a hot streak lately with good ideas! First, she set up a team and got me to sign up for the Chicago Color Run (awesome!). Then, she organized and got me to sign up for a beach volleyball league (awesome!). And most recently, she found this great craft tutorial and got me to make it (awesome!). See? She just has so many good ideas — and is apparently really good at convincing me to partake! So thanks, Kay!

Now on to the main event! This is a fun way to transform your t-shirts into cute tank tops (with a bow!). I got the idea form Kay, who found it on Pinterest via Crafter Hours — could there be a more adorable name for a craft blog? I didn’t think so. Ready, set, go!

*   *   *

Start making a few simple cuts.
1. Cut just inside the seem of each sleeve.
2. Cut straight across the top, just below the collar hem.
3. Cut the hem off the bottom.
4. Cut another strip from right above the hem for the drawstring.

Discard the scrap pieces. Next, you will need to do two, quick lines of stitches. From the top of the bodice, fold the font fabric inward about 1.5 inches. Sew with matching (or mismatching if you prefer) thread. Repeat by folding the back of the t-shirt inward. Sew.

Take the cut for the drawstring, and cut one end in a straight line to make it a strand instead of a ring. Thread through the tube created on the bodice.

Tye in a bow. Done!

My t-shirt drawer is about to become my tank top drawer! It’s going to be great!


First of all, how funny is this headline!? I mean, it totally would have earned me a big, fat “F” from my journalism editing professor during the Headlines unit, but I thought it was pretty funny. It describes my photography skills perfectly, in that they are very much fake. I know nothing about photography, which is unfortunate considering the fact that Tuesdays are supposed to be the day that I share photos on my blog (as you might have noticed, I have skirted around it for the past few weeks). I might have to work on changing the theme for Tuesdays, but until then, we’ll use this as a learning opportunity. 

I tend to use the same angles for just about every photo I take and act like turning on the black-and-white filter somehow makes it more artsy. I know nothing about any photography terms, and I sometimes have a hard enough time figuring out how to turn off the flash on my point-and-shoot digital camera. I know about the Rule of Thirds from the photojournalism unit in my graphics and design class, but I am terrible at visualizing where each third actually is and often don’t even know what the subject is anyway. I do know that no photo will do the sunrise over the lake justice and that sometimes turning the camera around and snapping your own pic of you and your best friend in the middle of the mall is actually the best photo possible. 

I have had a few moments where I think I might actually be decent at taking pictures, like the picture I took for my tights post, but those moments are few and far between.

Then there was a three-day trip to Lindenwood University to visit one of my best friends, when I thought I was really on fire with the artsy photos …

… but then I just realized that changing them to black and white didn’t always make them “artsy.”

I have friends that are really good at photography. I can always tell that it’s better than mine, but I can’t pinpoint the exact reason why. This one is one of my favorites from my friend Alex, Owner-Operator of AC Photography, which looks like it belongs in a silver frame in a holiday Macy’s window. 

Other than the obvious fact that his camera is substantially better than mine, there’s just something about photography done by a person who knows about photography that really makes it pop. 

I just now decided what my Tuesday Photo Post should be. Instead of showcasing my crappy photography, I’m going to make a legitimate attempt to learn a little something about photography every week. Then I will share a photo demonstrating my progress every Tuesday. Let’s see how this goes…