Pumpkin Cam

So I know that my goal was to learn something about photography by this Tuesday, but I’m not going to lie … I forgot. Kind of. Although I did forget to actually learn something, I did put some serious thought into the whole idea of photography. 

At a journalism conference in high school, I learned that photography is all about moments and lighting. I will have to come back to lighting next week (or some time in the future), but I’ve been really thinking about moments. Photography freezes a moment in time, and if you pick that exact frame, that perfect frame, you can tell a whole story through one photo. You can capture the motion and emotion through a still frame. 

I’ve only taken one arguably “good” photo — at least by photojournalism standards. I took this picture as my final for the photojournalism unit in my Graphics and Design class. I got an A+, which was pretty darn hard to get in that class. This photo did one thing right: capture raw, pure emotion. 

Some pictures don’t quite capture that kind of emotion, but they can still tell stories. And sometimes, that’s okay. So here’s my story of Halloween. 




The end! Happy All Saints Day!

The Rules of October 1

October 1 is my favorite day of the year. It is the only day that doesn’t qualify for paid time off work that I celebrate religiously, every year. I realize that September 23 is technically the first day of fall, but September is so back-to-school! October is the first real month of fall, and thus, October 1 is the first true day of fall. And I love fall — duh!

Every year, I celebrate October 1 as my fall-kick-off day, and every year it is fantastic. There are a few requirements to a successful launch date, and I’m about give you the lowdown on all of them. 

Rule number 1: Football. Nothing says the start of the best season ever better than a little bit of the best sport ever. It’s cuddling up in a cozy college sweatshirt, drinking a crappy beer, playing bags at your buddy’s tailgate. It’s never being too old to shotgun a beer and never being too young to know that even the crappiest of teams are worth cheering for. 

Rule number 2: Apple Orchards. I’ve already admitted to being a walking cliche so I feel no shame in saying that Apple Orchards are a mandatory component of the perfect fall day. I’m less interested in the actual picking of the apples, given that I’ve only actually done that once in my life, and more interested in the treats made from the apples that someone else picked. I go a little crazy in the apple orchard shop — I want it all. I can’t leave without a caramel apple, apple slushy, several jars of apple butter and usually a box of apple doughnuts to take home. Plus, the apple orchard makes for some of the cuttest pictures in the book!!

Rule Number 3: Halloween prep. I usually spend 11 months out of the year deciding what I want to be for halloween, so that come October 1, I can start buying the materials to build my costume. This year, the winner is Poison Ivy from Batman. I’ve decided to go for a more girly version than the classic comic book villain — my costume will inevitably be much sparklier than the original and definitely be paired with a great pair of black pumps. I haven’t quite decided on the details yet, but that’s what the trip to Walmart, Hobby Lobby and the costume shop are for!  Check out last year’s beauty! 

Rule number 4: Get pump(kin)ed! Pumpkins are the star of the day. October 1 is the day to pick your favorite pumpkin and keep it by the front door. Personally, I’m partial to the short, stumpy kind, but to each their own! So pick your pumpkin, and while you’re at it, grab as many fake pumpkins as you can find to stick around your place to decorate! Preferably ones that sparkle! Grab a pumpkin spice latte and a good pumpkin bread recipe, and get on it!!

Happy October 1!!!!