There’s Always Next Year

As a Cubs fan, it’s easy to adapt the mantra, “There’s always next year.” It’s a comforting disposition, especially for a girl who continually believes in second chances. I am a girl who firmly believes in learning as you go and never giving up. I believe that there is always room for improvement. I believe that for every good thing you do, there’s someone out there doing something just a little bit better, and using that as inspiration instead of aggravation is what makes you a good person.

This post isn’t about Cubs baseball. It’s not even really about beliefs — sorry, sometimes I just get carried away. It’s about learning from others.

No matter how many things I do for Christmas this year, there’s a constant influx of things that I want to do next year. There is simply not enough days — even if you do start celebrating in October — to do all the cute things before Christmas passes by. I’m already making my list for next year!

Things to do for Christmas next year:

5. Christmas Presents

My family decided to skip presents this year. I’m not complaining, because I was part of the decision-making process. Instead of buying everyone in my family Christmas presents, we’re each using that money to buy ourselves one really great present that we really want. Then we’re going to wrap it up, put it under the tree, pick a different present and then guess who’s present it is. I really like buying presents for people, and I really miss it. Next year, I’m still going to buy everyone in my family presents because that’s the present I would really like to give to myself.

4. Secret Santa

I’m talking draw names out of a Santa hat, leave kind of creepy notes around the office and get everyone really awful under-five-dollar presents. I’d be even happier if the giving of the presents involved some sort of game, preferably with playing cards or dice and gift trading. It’s going to be fa-la-l-awesome!

3. 12 Days of Christmas anything

I seriously meant to do 12 Days of Christmas blog posts, but I really dropped the ball on that one. The reminder has been sitting in my inbox since November. Whoops. Next year, I will certainly do a 12 Days of Christmas blog, bake fest, activity guide, movie marathon or something along those lines.

2. Christmas Party

Part one of this project is to make friends who will come to my Christmas party. After that, I feel like throwing a holiday affair with bubbly cocktails, red tights and classic Christmas music will come easy. It will be darling!

1. Christmas Cards

I got two very pretty and very sweet Christmas cards from two really awesome people this holiday, and they totally made my day! I don’t know how I haven’t started doing that yet! I need to get everyone’s address in July so no one sees it coming!