Good Tip, Bad Tip

Today, we’re going to play a fun little game called Good Tip or Bad Tip. Why? Because I had a really busy week and feel like I learned a lot of things! I thought this would be a fun way to pass it along!

On Crafting

Crocheting a baby blanket will take about 11 hours. (Source:
— Bad Tip. That made me think that since I started it on Sunday, I could finish it by the following Saturday. I was not even close.

A good size for a crocheted baby blanket is about 100 chains. (Source: Steph from Pumpkin Loves)
Good Tip. If I actually finished the banket, it would have been perfect dimensions!

On Showers …

Buying a present on the gift registry shouldn’t take much time at all. (Source: me)
— Bad Tip. Printing out the registry is easy once you start searching the baby registry instead of the bridal registry, but finding anything on it in the other world that is the baby section is a whole different story.

When buying a present for a shower, always buy off the registry. (Source: my recently married friend, Bri)
— Good Tip. I don’t know this first hand because I’ve never been on the receiving end of any sort of shower, but it seems to be a recurring sentiment. Apparently when people  give you a list of exactly what they want, they would like to receive those things over whatever you randomly pick out. If they wanted those random things, it would have been on the registry. (Or so I hear).

On ordering drinks …

Get the Golden Goose Noble Pils! (Source: Goose Island bartender)
— Bad Tip. It was hardly better than a Bud Light.

Ordering a PBR at iO sounds like a good idea. (Source: me)
— Bad Tip. Turns out it comes in a Mason jar. I am no where near hip enough to be drinking PBR out of a Mason jar.

On life …

YOLO: You Only Live Once! (Source: my friend Chrissy)
— Good Tip. Her wise words were the reason behind my Shamrock Shake today, my pen wrist tattoo and at least five other things on a daily basis.

When at work, always try to be a filler not a spiller of your TRY Courage bucket, your TRUST Courage bucket and your TELL Courage bucket. (Source: Courage Goes to Work)
— Good Tip. I’m only 48% through the book, but I think I’m to believe that with full buckets, I can run the world.

On buying Courage Goes to Work

Buy the Kindle version! (Source: me)
— Bad Tip. The Kindle version is written entirely in italics!

On families …

Go home and your dad will grill you dinner and your mom will make you the best breakfast on the planet. (Source: me)
— Good Tip. I don’t care if my mom is only bribing me to come home so I can clean out my own room, it’s totally worth it.

On Movies … 

Go see 21 Jump Street! (Source: me)
— Good Tip. This movie is absolutely hilarious!

Buy tickets to The Hunger Games twice in a 3-day period. (Source: me)
— Good Tip. I haven’t even seen it yet, but I just know it’s going to be the best movie ever! So much so that I have already piad to see the movie twice. It’s gonna be great! Read the book first, though!!

*   *   *

Do you have any good tips or bad tips?!