One Lucky Toddler

Sometimes when I’m bored, I binge-watch Bones for a good 6 hours without moving. But sometimes when I’m bored, I crochet. And on a good day, I end up with something like this.


I made this darling hoodie during my free time during the long weekend because I was bored, but it ended up being a really great project! The pattern wasn’t the easiest to follow, but after reading it a few times I was able to figure out most of my issues. The coloring isn’t exactly what I would have gone with had I picked out the yarn from the store, but since I was lazy, I just used yarn I had around the house. As I ran out of colors, I adjusted and subbed in others. The yellow buttons were just a lucky touch because I didn’t have pink ones in my button jar.


Normally, I crochet things with a recipient in mind, but this was purely for fun. I thought about selling it or giving it away, but I just fell in love with it. So I’m happy to say that this hoodie will be keeping my future little girl super cozy one day. And that one day is very far in the future before anyone jumps to any conclusions. So I stashed this little gem in a box with a sunhat, a dress and a darling pair of shoes to await one lucky toddler.

IMG_2788 IMG_2790 IMG_2791 IMG_2793 IMG_2795


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