*Wedding Craft* – Ring Bearer Box

The theme for my December wedding was winter-wonderland sparkle. Everything I could think of was frosted with a layer of glitter. From my shoes to the favors to the centerpieces, and every accent in between. That included the box my ring bearer would use to carry our rings down the aisle. (Well, not my husband’s ring because he forgot it. =) But that was was plan!)

As I was looking at ideas for ring bearers, I just kept that thinking that the rings he was going to carrying really were going to be the best present ever. And BOOM, I had it. Present. He should be carrying a PRESENT! And that present was going to be a very sparkly one. It turned out better than I could have possibly imagined.

Plus I had the cutest, sweetest little man ever to be sure it got down the aisle safely.


This project was really pretty easy, but the result was awesome! It was a great wedding detail to DIY.


Silver sparkle wrapping paper (They sell it at Michaels for about $4. Warning: this kind sheds! So if you don’t want glitter everywhere, try a flat metallic paper.)
1″ white satin ribbon
Double-sided tape runner (this is important with glitter paper, because regular tape won’t stick to the glittered side)
Cotton Fake Snow (similar here – I chose a kind that had some sparkle to it)
Small square box with one open side (I recommend buying a box with a lid, and then discarding the lid)

Wrap your box with the paper. This took a little finagling, but we got there. It doesn’t matter what it looks like on the inside, because you won’t see that part. Use the double-sided tape runner to adhere the non-sparkle side of the paper directly to the box.


Attach the middle of your satin ribbon to the bottom of the box with a little tape. I wanted long ribbon, so I used about a yard. But you can always trim later. Then fill the box with snow! Tie your ribbon in a bow with our without the ring attached.



This was one of the first glitter projects I worked on for the wedding, and it definitely should have been my clue to the inevitable messes that came with working with glitter! We worked on this project at a hotel, and I apologize for the unexplainable amount of access glitter that I’m sure remained in our room, despite our best efforts to clean up.

IMG_0751Have fun!!


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