*Wedding Craft* – Bridesmaid Giftbags

I am a very lucky to girl to have such great and pretty friends! These ladies cover the complete range of my life, from pre-pre-school to post-college. One of these girls would be able to answer any question you had for me, from first crushes to homecoming dresses to favorite happy hour spots. They are the nicest, smartest, most driven ladies I know and they are all doing amazing things with their lives right now. They are scattered across the country from Texas to New York, but all came together to support me on my wedding day and that means the absolute word to me.


After the Rehearsal Dinner
Kayiu * Chrissy * Me * AnnaSophia * Karen * Jessica

Seriously, though! Look how pretty they are!!

They deserve the world for everything they did for me. But, if I couldn’t give them the world, these adorable gift bags were the next best thing.


I had originally planned on getting monogrammed bags off Etsy for the girls. However, after several Etsy fiascoes (details to follow on that), I decided that I didn’t want to go that route. I was flipping through some other options, and saw this. Instant DIY inspiration!


I thought hand-stitching red hearts onto canvas tote bags was absolutely adorable! It was the perfect balance of home-made and useful.

Here’s all you need to do.


Canvas Tote (Michaels sells them in the kids craft section $2 each)
White Thread
Red Felt (I just bought the 8″x10″ sheets of felt)

Here’s what you do...

Use a plain white sheet of paper and cut out a heart shape as your stencil. I just free-handed the heart, but you could also print out a picture of a heart and cut that out. (Kenny suggested that, and I thought it was genius. I never would have thought of that.)

Safety pin the paper stencil to the felt and cut out a heart shape. (Pinning it makes it much easier to hold the felt and the stencil and cut at the same time.)

Next, pin the felt heart to the center of your tote. Sew the heart onto the tote bag. I have two suggestions for this part. First, use a double strand of thread. So, take twice as much thread as you need, thread the needle and pull it to the middle, then tie the ends of the thread together. Second,  stick a piece of cardboard (or even a gift bag) into the tote while you’re sewing. This avoids the risk of sewing the front and back together. That would be no good. I also tied silver bows to one handle.


Once you’ve got your bags done, you’re ready to fill them!

I got my bridesmaids …

  • On-site Hair & Make-up for the day of the wedding – It was an awesome idea, and you should totally do it.
  • Flannel Shirts – I LOVED these so much. We all got ready them and it was adorable. I didn’t want to get them things that screamed “BRIDESMAID!” because I wanted them to wear them again, but I also wanted to remember they were from me. So I sewed a small red heart button to the inside sleeve of each matching red flannel shirt. That way they would always have my heart on their sleeve. I got the flannels from American Eagle (bought on the day after Thanksgiving for 50% off).
  • Snowflake Initial Necklaces – Ordered from Etsy here.
  • Red Sunglasses – It actually rained on my wedding day. We didn’t use these.
  • Sparkly Bracelet – I had wanted REALLY sparkly bridesmaid dresses, but decided to stick with red. I needed some sparkle in there somewhere though, so I got rhinestone bracelets to add to some glam to their outfits. I picked up mine from Charming Charlie.
  • Silver wristlet – I wasn’t planning on getting these, but I just stumbled across them at Charming Charlie and they were perfect.
  • Tissues – to put in the wristlet.
  • Thank You Card
  • Red Fluffy socks – These were actually from my mom. But they were adorable.
  • Heart Wine Bottle Stopper – Because why not?
  • Timeline for the day

I can’t believe that I didn’t get a photo of all the lute. That was silly of me. Luckily, the lovely Ms. AnnaSophia snapped a pic of the goodies!


Look how adorable they turned out!!!


I also made the same bags for the flower girls, my mom and mother-in-law. I wrapped their presents and put them in the bags.


I adore Kate Spade and had a lot of Kate Spade items at the wedding and sprinkled throughout my registry. So I thought I’d share the love with my in-laws. My soon-to-be in-laws received a Kate Spade Grace Avenue Double Invitation Frame.


The flower girls got a snowflake necklace engraved with “You are Unique in Every Way.” And to put it in, they got a heart-shaped jewelry box engraved with “May love and sparkle with you always. Love, Emily & Kenny.” I absolutely loved their gifts. I kind of wish I had them myself!


For my parents, I got this Hinged Frame with Engraved Plate that has a quote from a children’s book that I had read to me as a kid: I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as your living, your baby I’ll be. I like to think it made them cry.

I hope you liked my idea, and are inspired to get a little crafty for your leading ladies! As for the gift component, just be sure to follow your heart, and pick out things that are meaningful.


In case you missed it, check out their Bachelorette Gift Bags here!

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