Thanksgiving Cake Pops

And by Thanksgiving, I mean Friendsgiving (but the SEO inside me won the battle for the subject line). Friendsgiving is the best idea for a holiday ever. It has all the green bean casserole and stuffing and wine that you’d find at family Thanksgiving, but you get to celebrate with all of your friends! Your family by choice! This year’s festivities were absolutely amazing!

This is Kenny and I at the end of the night in my friends’ adorable condo!
The hostest gave me the job of bringing “sturdy plates.” I was totally content on just bringing those until Friendsgiving Eve when I decided I’d bring cake pops, too. I had all the stuff, and I really enjoy making them, so I thought I’d go for it. I was going to just make pumpkins, but my Fiance told me I could do better than that, and challenged me to make turkey cake pops.

I found several ideas online, all of which involved candy corn. When I got to the store, though, they were no longer selling candy corn because they’d already turned over to Christmas things! I was about to give up, but inspiration struck as I walked down the candy aisle. My imagination started racing and I walked out with Gingersnaps, Reeses Pieces and Whoppers. I had a general idea, but definitely didn’t expect them to turn out as a great as they did!

These are definitely the cake pops I’m MOST proud of because the idea was all my own, not just copied from pictures online. I was so thrilled with how they came out!

This isn’t so much a recipe, but I wanted to walk you through how I made them!

Turkey Cake Pops

Pumpkin Cake Balls (not decorated, just the cake ball part from this recipe)
Chocolate Almond Bark
White Candy Melts
Candy Sprinkles (Imperials) – with the blues and/or greens separated out
Orange Candy Melts
Red Heart Sprinkles
Reeses Pieces
Rice (optional)

Start by making your feathers. Melt the chocolate candy bark and use it as glue to attach attach five Reeses Pieces on each Gingersnap.
Then you’ll need to gather the rest of your supplies to make the faces.
Next, start building the faces. I held the Whoppers with tongs so they didn’t melt in my fingers while I added the details.
Used the pointy handle end of a spoon to dot eyes with the white candy melts, and then gently press a candy sprinkle in the middle. I used the pointy handle of another spoon to form the beak with the orange candy melts. Then I dabbed on a little of the melted chocolate below the beak and attached an upside down heart sprinkle.

I realized that it was really hard to let these dry, because the Whoppers roll around when they’re top heavy. So I filled a shallow dish with rice to let my heads dry in, so that they wouldn’t roll around and smudge.
Next, using a fork, dip the cake the balls in the melted chocolate, place on top of a Ginergsnap, and press on the head. Let cool to harden.
IMG_0819 IMG_0826Serve and enjoy!!
My last tip for you is about transporting these tasty turkeys. If you are taking these to a party, I found that a cupcake carrier worked out perfectly! Each cupcake slot fit one turkey. This kept them from sliding around and breaking. It also allowed me to carry two layers of cake pops.

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  1. These are REALLY adorable! Great job! You’re getting really good at it! 😀 And yes to SEO! When you have any free time, read about Rich Snippets. I think you’d REALLY enjoy the author kind of rich snippet (that’s when a picture of the writer pops up in a search result).

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