Fall Update

Oh hello, friends! I hope your boots and sweaters are treating you well! If you’re in the Midwest, I’m sure they’re getting quite the workout! I don’t want to say it’s cold, because I know this is just the calm before the storm that is Chicago winter, but I definitely haven’t been leaving the house without my North Face recently.

I was up to my eyeballs in making wedding invitations recently (post coming soon on that!), but those have been mailed and I’m back in action!
I have a few mini-posts to share my recent activities with you! Hope you’re having a great Autumn!

Freshly Baked

My mom came to visit recently and brought me seven cans of pumpkin puree because she’s the best. The most recent treat I made were these pumpkin muffins. They came together quickly and were your classic, delicious pumpkin muffin. Since they were so quick and easy, I figured I’d just link up to recipe here and show you my final product!

Creative Spark

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen the new centerpiece I put together using a white lacquer tray, a burlap scrapbook page and a little glitter magic. I picked up these tiny white pumpkins from an apple orchard for only three for a dollar! So I took one of them, covered it in glue finger-paint-style, and doused it in a healthy coat of glitter. It turned out cuter than I could have ever imagined. You can make ANYTHING better by covering it in glitter!
IMG_0627 IMG_0637 IMG_0641

Comfy, Cozy Wearables

I’m usually not the most fashion-forward person I know, but I’ve really been loving my style this season! I have acquired some core basics that all mix and match perfectly with one another. It makes it incredibly easy to throw together outfit after outfit!
All I’ve been wearing lately is some combination of leggings + boots + boyfriend cardigan in some form of black, burgundy and navy. It’s so easy, so comfortable and so fitting for every occasion from work to happy hour to the apple orchard. I already told you about the American Eagle cardigan that I love so much, but I’ve also branched out to a cheaper version, too. I picked up several of these boyfriend cardigans from Target (on sale now for $15!) in one size up from what I typically wear. I wear them buttoned down over a plain tank top, or open over a plain jersey dress like these from H&M.
I always top it off with a pair of boots. Over the past two years, I’ve been carefully combing sale sections for boots and proudly have completed my collection – for the time being at least. I have one pair of short boots and one pair of tall boots, each in both black and brown, which is really, all I see myself needing for at least a little while.


And these is just a couple of really cute picture of Aiko and me.

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