First Fall Fun Weekend!!!

Fall is here, fall is here, fall is here!!! *Squeal!* And now that the Earth’s axis has passed its perfectly vertical point kicking off the official fall season, it is time for apple cider, pumpkin picking and my favorite new boots! I could not be more excited!

I went to my hometown of Rochester, Illinois last weekend and got to celebrate the official fall kickoff with my family. We went to the Petersburg Fall Festival, I had my first caramel apple, and then we sat outside at a local little winery. And then we shared some margaritas on the patio, which might not be fall-y, but it was still fantastic. It was just delightful!

I even got to wear my new favorite fall outfit too! Please don’t make fun of the fact that it’s all from American Eagle. I just LOVE it! The boots are sold out now, but you can find the sweater here. I got mine for 1/2 price at the outlet, but AE always has deals, so be sure to wait for a sale!

I suggest all of you look into fall festivals in your area and participate in, like, ALL of them! If you’re in the Chicago area, MetroMix has a great Fall Festival Guide!

I just wanted to share a few photos from my first fun fall weekend! Every time I look at them I get happy!

Happy Fall! I can’t wait to bake and craft and celebrate with all of you!!

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