*Wedding Craft* – Cubby Blue Gift Bags

This weekend was my bachelorette party!!! [squeal!] I can’t believe it’s over! It was absolutely, 100% perfect!!! My friends are so great, everyone got along so well, and it was just so much fun!

We went to a rooftop Cubs game!! It was so cool!! I had never been to one before, so it was even more exciting and fantastic! (For those of you not from Chicago, historic Wrigley Field field is surrounded by buildings not parking lots, which means that you can see the game from rooftops across the street. So you can buy a rooftop ticket, watch the game in bleachers on the roof across the street, and the best part, it’s all you can eat and drink!)
image (1)
We had these ADORABLE T shirts made that said “Emily’s Last At Bat”! On the back (which we totally forgot to take a picture of!), it had each girls name and the year we met, jersey style. It was ridiculously adorable.
Then we went out to a few bars in Wrigleyville. I will not be posting any of those photos here, for everyone’s sake.

Then, in the morning, we had mimosas and bagels. My MOH set up this spread – isn’t it just adorable!? I loved it!
I know that making gift bags is totally not required. But I love crafts and doing cute things, so I wanted to do gift bags for the girls. It’s like when little kids have birthday parties, and the guests get goody bags. Plus, I had this adorable idea!
The little tag says “A Little Cubby Red & Blue to Get You Through.” I tried to avoid adding too many cheap, junky things, and I tried to go for useful things, that everyone might want. I know the peanuts were a stretch, but they were Stadium peanuts! I thought the sunglasses and SPF ChapStick were perfect for a day of baseball! Everyone can use an extra red nail polish and headband, so I thought that was a fun way to brighten things up. And the Gatorade was definitely a hit the morning.

I also made the the gift bags to play up the Cubs theme! I thought they turned out super cute!
I started with plain white gift bags. I got them from Michael’s for less that $5 for about 20 bags. I made the stripes first by using regular Elmer’s glue and blue glitter. If I did these again, I would have used a ruler and made them straighter and more even.

Then I made the Cubs logo. I actually thought this turned out really well. I have what’s called a dye cutter machine (it’s the same machine as my letterpress). I have a set of circle nesting dies, which are just a bunch of circles in increasing sizes that I can use to cut out perfect circles. You could also use a compass or trace a cup and then cut out circles.

You need a red circle, with a smaller circle cut out of the middle. Then cut a small piece out, making it look like a “C.”
Then you’ll need a white circle a little bit bigger than the C, and a blue circle a little bit bigger than the white circle. Then stack your circles and C to form the Cubs logo! Secure with a lightweight glue so it doesn’t get wrinkly.
IMG_0018Use a heavier glue to attach the logo to your stripped gift bags!
IMG_0023 IMG_0026
I found this super sparkly ribbon at Michael’s too, that I curled and tied on the handle. I wrote my note on a blue circle and attached with silver ribbon.
Fill them with a few of your favorite things and share with your friends! IMG_0034 IMG_0033

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