*Wedding Craft* — Glitter Frames

I am planning a December wedding and have just gotten to the fun part: crafting! Out of all of the checklists that fill my wedding binder and Evernote app, the Craft Projects list is the one that I’m the MOST excited about. There are currently 19 items on the list, and I just checked another one off! Today’s project was glitter frames.
I made four 5×7″ signs for my wedding. There are two bar recommendation signs (his and hers), a “Best Day Ever” sign for the mimosa bar and a quote from one of my favorite songs for the sweets table. So I made these adorable frames for them! They are absolutely perfect for my winter wonderland wedding!
They were super easy! But I do have a bonus tip for you too! So keep reading!
*   *   *

Cheap Frames (I got mine at Walmart for $1 each)
Foam brush
Mod Podge Glue and Finish
Silver Glitter (the chunkier the better)
Clear Acrylic Sealer spray (I used Mod Podge brand, but if you go to any craft stores, there’s a wide variety of acrylic sealers available)

Start with any kind of cheap frame. It really doesn’t matter the shape or color.
Use a foam brush to paint the frame with Mod Podge glue. (My frames were 5×7″, so I couldn’t cover the entire frame with glue before part of it started to dry, so I did mine in sections.) Cover liberally with glitter and tap off excess. Let dry completely.
Then head outside and get your spray on! Apply 3 even coats of sealer on top of the glitter.  This helps keep the glitter in place and does a pretty good job of minimizing the glitter trail that inevitably follows any glitter project. I thought it was a really awesome idea! (Hairspray also works for smaller projects, but it’s not quite as sturdy.)
Let them dry completely and then frame your work! And there it is!
Below are a three of the signs I’m going to put in these frames. My fiance hasn’t picked his favorite drink yet, so I couldn’t include the 4th, but you get the idea. Feel free to download the sweets table or “Best Day Ever” sign! I hope you like them!
Sweets Table Sign Best Day Ever
She Recommends

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