Wrapping Paper is for Suckers

This was how I wrapped my fiance’s birthday presents this year! I thought it turned out really cute, so I wanted to share it with you all!
For the wrapping paper, I just used old paper shopping bags! You cut down one corner of the bag, and then cut off the bottom square part. You’re left with a rectangle of brown paper. Just put the printed side on the back, and you’re in business!

For the decorations, it was primarily inspired by this adorable gift that I got for my birthday from my friend/sister who’s a designer in NYC. I loved the simple paper wrapping and the bakers twine accents.
I also pulled some inspiration from this photo I saw on Pinterest.

For my letters, I just scoured my paper collection and found a cute sheet of scrapbook paper. I cut a heart and my fiance’s initials freehand using an exacto knife and a self-healing mat. I tied the letters on with the bakers twine or just taped it directly onto the package. IMG_7046
I hope you like it! What creative wrapping designs are your favorite?!IMG_7043

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