MAD STYLE Cocktail Party

Remember when I made those awesome invitations for my MAD STYLE party a few months ago?

Well that party finally materialized! I hosted my Mad Men themed party on my rooftop (mostly) and made sure that all my friends dressed up for the affair! I couldn’t believe how into it everyone got! Here are a few tips for hosting a Mad Men party.

1. Hair — Tall and Practical 

Achieving a perfect, 1960’s hairdo would be really easy if your hair was cut in the perfect bob or always held its curl in spite of humidity and time. That was NOT the case for me. I knew that my party was going to be outside in the middle of summer, and I was going to be running around playing Super Host. I also didn’t have too much time to actually do my hair in the first place (Oh yeah, did I mention that I literally did all the executing for this party in less than 2 hours?). So I went with this classic look.

I parted my hair back about 2 inches. I teased the rest, brought it straight back, and secured it with a few bobby pins. I smoothed back the front sections, and then secured it all with a ponytail. Five minutes — done.
2. Outfit — Pearls and Patterns

Anyone who tries to tell you that you can always find this stuff at a thrift store is a liar. I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve gone to a thrift shop shop looking for specific retro attire, I always leave empty handed. Maybe I have bad luck or am a bad thrift store shopper, but every time I really need something specific, thrift shops let me down. (Don’t get me wrong, I love thrift shops! They’re just not always reliable.) So I hit up my next favorite cheap store: Forever 21. I combed my F21 and after about 30 minutes had more than 10 vintage-inspired options to try on. I went with this dress. I really think patterns are key here. It’s a little harder to find the exact cut of the 1960’s fashion, but if you can get something with patterns and/or a wide/puffy skirt, you’re fine. Top it off with all the pearls you have and you’re in business!

Seriously, how cute are we!?
3. Cocktails – Strong and Pretty

I basically only served my guests straight booze. I had the mixins for three classic cocktails:

  • Vodka Gimlet – Vodka, Lime Juice
  • Old Fashion – bourbon, bitters, sugar cube, cherry, orange slice
  • Martini – vodka, vermouth, olive brine

I set out all the booze, mixers and fruit on a tray. I was actually really lucky, too, and had the coolest glasses! I inherited a set of rocks glasses from my grandmother; they are round with metallic silver at the top. The same glasses were actually seen on a few episodes of Mad Men! I also have really awesome stemless martini glasses from a set that I got at Big Lots for $5. Let’s zoom in on that picture above.
4. Do Cute Things

That’s actually my suggestion to just about anything you do in life: Do Cute Things. We had a really fun photo session before most of our guests arrived, and we tried to play into the 1960’s stereotype (all in fun of course!). If you’re going to get dressed up for a theme, you darn well better get cute pictures of it! Also, when in doubt, you can always just change the filter to B&W and it’s instantly a little more vintage!
1091051_10100532594283781_919353470_o 1075340_10100532594084181_1115688426_o 901097_10100532594722901_588448804_o 1082303_10100532593510331_1683162734_o (1) IMG_6764 IMG_6767
5. Have the Most Fun Ever

This party was a blast. It was really hot on the roof, there was a crazy thunderstorm for a while, we ran out of booze and at 2 AM left to cram into a booth at an Irish bar in full costume, but no one cared about any of those things! Everyone just got in the spirit of the evening and enjoyed themselves! (Or Emjoyed themselves..ha! too much?)
IMG_6752 IMG_6757 IMG_6758 IMG_6763 IMG_6778
Happy Hosting!!

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