Goat Cheese & Things

I’ve tried oven “frying” things in the past. I’ve tried the whole turn-cauliflower-into-buffalo-wings thing and the cover-it-in-corn-flakes-and-it-tastest-just-like-it-was-fried trick. Either those are lies or I just suck at fake fried things — both of which are reasonable explanations. I have made a few baked wonton recipes, including these pumpkin ravioli, but they just don’t quite get as crispy as I’d liked them to be. Which was fine for the ravioli, but I knew I had to do better.
Pumpkin Ravioli
So I did!

After some inspiration by Bad Dog Tavern‘s appetizer menu, I decided that Goat Cheese Wontons were going to be the final test of oven-fried success. I realized that the trick to mastering legitimately crispy oven-fried apps is all about the shape! The problem with the ravioli was that the edges got crispier faster than the middle. The solution? Less edges!
When you fold the wontons tighter, you have a more uniform thickness all around, so they can bake more evenly so you can maximize crispiness in every bite! Also, you have to use a lot of cooking spray.

These little guys were absolutely AMAZING! I meant to save some for my fiance, but I accidentally ate them all on my own! I just kind of made this recipe up based on what I had laying around, so feel free to throw in whatever you like! I made three different flavors, all of which were amazing. I think the honey was my favorite mix-in. They were just these crispy, creamy bites of greatness! I loved them! Oh yeah, and they’re incredibly fast and easy — my favorite!

Goat Cheese Wontons

Wonton wrappers
Goat cheese
Optional additional fillings: honey, sliced green onions, chopped mango

Start by spraying your pan with a healthy amount of cooking spray and pre-heating the oven to 400 degrees. Add a spoon-full of goat cheese to the center of each wonton wrapper. Top with your additional toppings.
IMG_6794IMG_6804Fold opposite corners together to form a triangle, using a little bit of water to seal the edges. Then fold the edges in to form little pentagons. Spay with another coat of cooking spray. Bake for 5 minutes, flip, then 5 more minutes. IMG_6808 IMG_6811Enjoy!



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