American Cake Pops

I love making cake pops! So much! Despite all the steps, frustrations and failures, I just can’t say no to making these bite-sized, festive treats! Here’s a look back at some of my holiday pops over the past year. (Click on the pics for more info!)

Valentine's Day Sundae Cone Cake Pops

Valentine’s Day Sundae Cone Cake Pops

Pumpkin Cake Pops

Pumpkin Cake Pops

Peppermint Red Velvet Cake Pops

Peppermint Red Velvet Cake Pops

Watermelon Cake Pops

Watermelon Cake Pops

So of course, when the fourth of July came around and my friend posted a photo on my Facebook timeline of American Flag Cake pops, it was a challenge I had no choice but to accept! She even came over (with Sangria!) to help make them!  It was so much fun! They turned out absolutely adorable!
I couldn’t decide if I should do red velvet cake or just white cake, since they were being dipped in red and blue candy coating. I went with red velvet and I think they turned out delicious! The pumpkin cake pops were probably the best tasting cake pops in my history, but these were definitely a close second.
I hope you are inspired to make your own festive cake pops! I’d love to see your masterpieces!

American Flag Cake Pops

1 red velvet cake, baked and cooled according to package directions
~1/4 – 1/2 cup vanilla frosting
48 lollipop sticks
1 package red candy melts
1 package blue candy melts
2 squares white almond bark
white nonpareils

This is your basic cake pop recipe. I’m going to make it sound really easy, and I promise that it is! You can check my pumpkin cake pop recipe for step-by-step photos and more detailed directions, but I’m just going to roll right through.

  • Crumble the cake with your fingers and mix in frosting to form a cohesive dough.
  • Roll all the dough out into small balls and pop in the fridge.
  • Melt the white candy. Dip each stick in the candy coating, then halfway into each ball. Return to the fridge.
  • Melt the blue candy. Dip about 10 pops into the blue coating, and sprinkle with white sprinkles. (Only take a few pops out of the fridge at a time, this will make them easier to dip.) Set the pops on wax paper, sticks sticking up.
  • Melt the red candy. Dip the remaining pops in the red coating, and set on the wax paper to set.
  • Melt the white candy again to be sure it’s smooth, and put in a pastry bag. Pipe white stripes on the red pops.
  • Arrange in a flag pattern on a rectangular plate.

Oh, and this was my super cute Fourth of July outfit! You can’t tell in this pic, but there are white sailboats on my top!
And this is the Sangria we drank on the rooftop after we finished our cake pops!
And lastly! This is our friends’ rooftop where we had a cookout and watched the fireworks over Soldier Field!
IMG_6605Yay for holidays!!!

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