The Lonely Bouquet

Oak Street is full of beautiful things. Just a block off of Chicago’s Michigan Ave, Oak Street is a shopping district decorated with lighted trees, lake-front views and elaborately beautiful store fronts. So when I walked by a darling Lilly bouquet sitting in a glass vase near the curb, it didn’t even feel out of place. It was the laminated sign sticking out of it, though, that made me turn on my heels.
I quickly read the note on the flowers that described The Lonely Bouquet project. It’s a national movement dedicated to sharing smiles. People around the world are leaving beautiful bouquets in public places for people to find and “adopt.” The project is purely about sharing happiness and making days. The people who “adopt” these lonely bouquets are encouraged to go online and share their story, as well as where they end up using the map function! I was giddy with excitement reading about the project and took the little bouquet home with me. My flowers were courtesy of Anna Held Florist — Thank you!!

I just had to share this movement with you! Maybe you will find a bouquet or leave one for someone else! Spread the word!

2 thoughts on “The Lonely Bouquet

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