Since I got my lovely letterpress, I’ve been really getting into card-making.  Since my custom templates for my wedding invitations haven’t arrived yet, I’ve been making cards for every occasion I can find, just so I can play with my new toy. I’ve really been experimenting with the cutting capabilities. The tool works with cutting dies, which are basically like cookie cutters for paper. I have a bunch of circle dies that came with my letter press, and I also picked up an alphabet die.

IMG_6080 IMG_6083

It is SO cool. It cuts all kinds of paper into perfect shapes! Like I said in my earlier post about my letterpress, it’s basically like a manual Cricut.

I also busted out my heat embossing tool. This was a tool that I played with at a Paper Source seminar and just had to have. I used a giftcard from a coworker to buy the tool off Amazon, but it sat in my craft drawer unopened for a good 2 months. I finally used it in my recent card-making binge, and boy was it fun!


The tool is basically a fancy hairdryer. It works with embossing powder and any stamp. You stamp your work, dust with embossing powder (by pouring a lot onto the wet ink, then tapping off the access like you would if you were adding glitter to something), and then use the heat tool to set the embossing powder. The embossing powder is opaque, so you can use any color ink. The result is a raised, almost plastic-y feel. Also VERY cool.

IMG_5933So between these two fun tools, my recently expanded glitter collection and my new exacto knife, I was having a field day in the craft department! I made two birthday cards for nieces, two thank-you cards for my fiance’s coworkers and a wedding card for my friend who got married over Memorial Day.

So what do you think!? I know my picture’s don’t quite do them justice, but I’m really proud of them! I hope you like them!

*   *   *

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