Fresh Fruit (and what to do with it all!)

I recently went on a fruit binge. I really got after it. The market I usually shop at has fresh produce, but neither the prices nor the selection are that great. But recently, I was riding home from the suburbs with my friend (in a car! A rare occurrence for this city girl), and we passed one of her favorite fruit markets. It was just as I was complaining about my market situation, so she offered to stop so I could get some fresh produce.

We went to Stanley’s in Bucktown. My mind was blown. It was an entire store filled with every possible fresh fruit and vegetable that you could imagine, and all of it was super cheap! I bought grapes, apples, mangos, blueberries, blackberries, cuties and fresh jalapeno cheddar bread (they had that too!).

Then I came home and realized that was a ridiculous amount of fruit for my fiance and I to eat before it went bad! That meant that I had a lot of baking to do!

I whipped up another batch of fresh fruit tarts for my coworkers. (This photo is actually from my original batch, I totally forgot to snap a pic! For the second batch, I used the mangos, blackberries, blueberries and segments of the cuties! They weren’t as colorful as these, but just as delicious!)
I made mini apple paies for my future in-laws who came over for dinner. Not my prettiest work, but you can’t really go wrong with apples, cinnamon and pie crust. IMG_5321
And then I made cheesecake with fresh blueberry sauce!
IMG_5349And before I knew it, I had used up all my fruit! It easy to burn through fruit when you bake it into delicious treats (albeit not as healthy, but I have never claimed this to be a health blog)!

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