Pinterest Review: Creamy Garlic Pasta

So you know that pin on Piterest of the recipe that looks so great that you repin it every time you pass it, and then next think you know, you realize that you have it pinned, like, 10 times and still haven’t made it?

No, it’s just me? Oh, then you’re either a liar or you haven’t noticed it yet.

That pin for me was the Creamy Garlic Pasta.

Seriously, how great does that look!? I just couldn’t look at it without salivating! I just really like cheese and garlic and this looked like the perfect combination. So, one day after work, I pulled up the recipe, picked up the ingredients I needed (which I’m pretty sure was just cream) and got after it.

IMG_5136IMG_5141 IMG_5142Now, don’t get me wrong, it was delicious! It was super creamy and cheesy and pretty much everything you would expect it to be.

But it also took me a good 30 mins or longer. And to be completely honest, it tasted exactly like Parmesan Pasta Roni.

I’m going to have to give a thumbs down for this one. Not that it wasn’t good, but it just wasn’t worth the work.

Does anyone have any Pinterest fails or recommendations?! I’m always interested in those.



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