St Patrick’s Day!

I just love holidays so much. Always have, always will. I love all holidays really, but the ones that really get my blood pumping are the ones with festivities! The holidays that bring everyone out of their homes and together for a day of celebration. I just love the spirit of it all! These are holidays like the Forth of July, October First and St. Patrick’s Day! What do all of these holidays have in common? A dress code and activities!

I’m so excited to bust out my kelly green outfit of the year and seasonal favorite sparkly green eye shadow!


Last year, I was so excited to go to Wrigleyville and drink green beer that I missed a lot of the other Irish festivities!


The green beer was actually totally awesome come to think of it, and I will definitely have to include it in this year’s itinerary.

But last year, I missed the most monumental St. Patrick’s Day experience of Chicago: the green river!

Seriously! How freaking cool is that! Last year, I missed it and didn’t get back downtown until night time. Not as impressive (except for the cityscape, which is actually more awesome a night, but that’s just every night).


I really love baking for for holidays. A LOT. Last year, I made Guinness Cupcakes with Bailey’s Frosting.

IMG_1880The cupcakes were AMAZING! I put a liiiitle too much Bailey’s in the frosting, so they were quite potent, but still fabulous. I actually have Bailey’s in my fridge right now. I can’t decide if I’m going try to make these again or try a new boozy treat! (Anyone have any suggestions?!)

I also tried these last bad boys last year.


Yep – that is a Guinness Float! (Didn’t blog about it, but I did feature it in my Go Do Cute Things – St. Patrick’s Day video last year, which you should totally watch for a little extra inspiration!)

I also missed the parade last year. Chicago used to have a huge St. Patrick’s Day parade on the South side, but that got a little out of control and now I hear it’s lame (and apparently happened last weekend!). But the North side still does a parade and you better believe that I will be there with bells on! I just learned that it’s only two blocks. That’s okay, can’t bring me down!

Getting dressed up is probably my favorite part! Last year I wore a green and white striped tank (that’s right – tank in Chicago in March!) with skinny jeans, my crocheted shamrock hair clip and lots of green beads and accessories!


I think year is the year to make the green tights happen! Not sure how I’ll pull it off AND not look like a leprechaun at the same time, but that’s a risk I’m going to have to take.


And then, to round out the day, I have to go to Banana Republic to cash in on my awesome Friends & Family Discount (thanks, Jen!!!!). I should probably do that after the green beer so I have zero guilt going crazy with my 50% off coupon.

Ah!!! This post just got me super excited for St. Patrick’s Day!! I think that’s really the reason for me writing it – to pump myself up! So I hope that everyone has a super amazing St. Patrick’s Day and you make the very most of all the activities in your area! Also, if you’re from Chicago, what am I missing!? Is there anything I just HAVE to do!?


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