Cozy Corner

Sometimes you just a need a place for yourself, no matter how small! When I finally took down my Christmas tree (yes, in March), I was left with a completely open corner of my apartment that just had so much potential. So I added a few pillows, a few girly touches and dubbed it “Cozy Corner.”

It quickly became my favorite place in my apartment. It’s where I go to catch up on Gossip Girl, work on my crochet blanket or cuddle up with a cup of tea. I know it’s nothing much, but sometimes it just takes a little space and a touch of creativity to create a little get-away place.

Welcome to cozy corner!

IMG_5242I used a decorative pillow from Ikea and the two extra pillows that were supposed to be for decoration when I make my bed (but let’s be honest, I don’t do that very often).
IMG_5238Then I used a nylon bad from Bath & Body Works to cover an old shoe box. It works as an adorable make-shift table!
IMG_5244It was the perfect place to start working on my new crochet project!

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