Check it Out: Starbucks Evenings

My neighborhood stop for my morning iced coffee, just became my new favorite place for a cute date night. My neighborhood Starbucks recently was upgraded to one of a few select locations to host Starbucks Evenings. It’s the cozy atmosphere that I love about my neighborhood store, but with a +21 stamp of approval. After 4 PM, they offer a selection of wine and beer, served with a tempting selection of delicious snacks and appetizers.


My Fiance and I decided to try out the boozy side of Bucks on Valentine’s day. We sat in oversized chairs, shared a bottle of Pinot Grigio and snacked on seasoned sunflower seeds. We had Artichoke & Goat Cheese Flatbreads for dinner and Chocolate Fondue for dessert.



I worked at Starbucks for six years through high school and college, so I might be a little more excited about this Starbucks phenomenon than most, but it seriously was a delightful evening! If you have a Starbucks Evenings location nearby, I strongly recommend checking it out!



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