Wedding Update: Planning & Crafts

For someone who has been actively planning my wedding since 7th grade, you’d think that it would just be a matter of pushing the “GO” button and I’d have this thing planned in no time! Sadly, it turns out that the dress of my dreams 10 years ago is no longer in production and I had disgustingly hipster taste for a good three years through college, not to mention the fact that I’m just awful at making decisions. So it’s basically like starting from scratch. However, there is one thing that hasn’t changed since 7th grade and that is my love of glitter. Turns out that glitter is actually going to be my wedding color with just a little bit of red as an accent.

The planning is going pretty well, I think! I’ve got most of the major (boring) things pinned down, so now it’s all dresses and centerpieces! I wanted to share some of my wedding planning progress with you! And of course the craft projects I’ve made along the way! So check it out and let me know what you think! But only if it’s nice because I’m probably not going to change my mind anyway.

First and most importantly (or so I hear) is my Save The Date! I haven’t actually sent these out (or printed them, come to think of it), so don’t worry if you didn’t get one yet. This is my edited-for-the-internet version, but you get the gist. I had a LOT of fun making Save The Dates! I had more than 20 designs made before I started weeding through them and finally settled on this one! I love it!

save the date emjoyable

And then there’s my planner. I’ve been working on this planner for quite some time and it’s my baby! I had a lot of fun making it and even more fun filling it up! I took a standard 3-ring binder, some glittery scrapbook paper, sheet protecters, dividers and some fancy paper from Paper Source and I put it all together into one heck of a wedding planner! It looks adorable (if I do say so myself) and is a perfect organizer for all my wedding planning ideas! I stick everything from magazine inspiration to receipts from vendors into my binder to keep everything together, but also to serve as a scrapbook for the months to come.


IMG_4903IMG_4902There’s another thing that I’ve been doing throughout my planning that is kind of lame, but I am really glad I’m doing it! And that’s taking pictures when I sign my contract with each vendor. I’ve been including these photos in my planning binder! It was only awkward when I had to ask my DJ for a photo, considering he is also a coworker. But that’s okay, he was a good sport!


IMG_4064 IMG_4165

My next art project was the cards I made for my bridal party. I really wanted to do something cute to ask my bridesmaids, but I just couldn’t come up with anything. So I just made them cute cards. But then I decided that the cards were actually freaking adorable, so I came out on top still. Asking my bridesmaids turned out to actually be quite the task, and I’m still not done with it. I’ve only managed to actually give cards to my MOH and one bridesmaid. So once again, please don’t be offended if you haven’t received one yet!

IMG_4054 IMG_4059And this has nothing to do with my wedding, but it was snowing today and I thought the street looked really pretty!IMG_4897

In case you missed it, read about my engagement and check out my bling! Cheers!

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