Have a Cozy Christmas, Baby!

It’s not that I can’t make adult-sized hats, it’s just that baby hats are just so darn fun to make! There’s so much room for creativity in kids accessories! People actually think it’s cute when toddlers have hats with antlers and snowman all over — grown-ups, not so much.

It’s starting to become a tradition that I make a Christmas hat for my friend’s little boy, and I get really excited when that time of year rolls around! There are so many ideas out there for cute baby hat ideas, so I spend a good week doing my research. My goal is to find a hat that is both adorable and within my skill range. I made these two for the little man last year. (The snowman is on both sides as ear flaps!)

Baby Hatbaby hat

I asked my friend if she had any requests, and her only comment was that she liked the one with the reindeer antlers. Last year, I just used giant pipe cleaners. I knew I was better than that this year, so I thought I’d try something a step above that. Then I picked out a couple other designs I just had to make and came up with this year’s Christmas hat collection!

Does anyone have any baby hat suggestions for next year?

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