Have Yourself A Minty Little Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And also the tastiest! Everything this time of year is dipped in chocolate, paired with peppermint or sprinkled with cinnamon and spice. It’s fantastic! I go back and forth on my favorite holiday flavor, but this year, when I was picking out my holiday recipes, I realized that all the recipes on my list had one thing in common: peppermint.

And that was the moment when I decided that EmJoyable needed a theme this Christmas and it was going to be peppermint. I couldn’t be more excited! Once I had committed myself to peppermint, the next 3 hours of my life were gone. I couldn’t stop looking up recipes! There are so many delicious peppermint recipes and so little time between now and December 25!

I narrowed it down to my top five. I was really hoping to do more, but between a trip to New York, a new project launch at work and having my bestie come to visit, December just got too busy! Plus, I figured I could only force my fiance to eat so many forms for peppermint. So I bookmarked my 5 favorite peppermint variations, made a shopping list and planned my bake-fests! Be sure to check back this month to see all the peppermint fun I have in store!

But in the meantime, I have a little something special for you. Just because I couldn’t make all the recipes I wanted to this year, there is no reason I need to hog them and stop you from making them! So here are a few peppermint recipes that I couldn’t quite fit in, but I wanted to share them with you anyway to get you pumped up!


*   *   *

Peppermint Topped Brownies by Grin & Bake It
How freaking awesome are these!?







Easy Peppermint Bark by Premeditated Leftovers

This is the recipe that sparked this year’s peppermint obsession 

Candy Cane Kiss Cookies by Our Best Bites
I made a version on EmJoyable last year but didn’t think to make chocolate cookies!

Creme de Menthe Brownies by How Sweet It Is
These don’t really require any further explanation beyond: Yum!

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