Make a Killer DIY R2D2 Costume: CHECK!

I’ve made quite a few halloween costumes in my day, but I think this one really takes the cake. When I made my Fall Bucket List in September, I decided that I wanted to be R2D2 for Halloween. I’m not sure why I picked that, but I made a decision and stuck to it! I absolutely loved my costume! It wasn’t always the most practical costume, as in I couldn’t sit down or see while stepping on or the off the bus, but it did have its perks! When I went to the bars and it was super crowded, I could just pull my arms into my little box and had my own little cocoon.

Here’s how I did it!

I went onto my roof – the only open air I could find – and painted a cardboard box white. I used Blickrylic “Block Out White” from Blick.

Then I checked out a few R2D2 pics on Google and painted on some black, blue and silver squares, squares lines and shapes to match R2D2. I used the same brand acrylic paint for this too.

Then roll the cardboard into a circle. Use a small screw driver to poke holes in the cardboard and use cable ties to secure the cardboard into the circular shape.

Now for the hat! Take a mixing bowl and cover with foil. Use duck tape on the inside to secure it in place. Then paint it R2D2 style!

I didn’t have red paint, so I let the blue paint dry and then used glue and red glitter. I LOVED how that part turned out. I also duck taped a handband to the inside to keep it in place.

Then I added a few more cable tie loops and then tied silver ribbon to make “suspenders” so I could wear my box.

Then curl your hair and throw on some glitter eye shadow!

Then you’re ready to Meep Moop your way to your Halloween festivities!

Happy Halloween!

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