Go to Farmer’s Markets often: CHECK!

I’m starting to make some serious progress on my Fall Bucket List! I’ve totally fallen in love with Farmer’s Markets this fall. So much so that I’m going to be totally bummed to go back to buying my fresh produce at the market. I’ve been to several Farmer’s Market’s this fall (mission accomplished!), but the one on Division Street on Chicago’s north side is by far my favorite. Two blocks of city streets are blocked off and lined with tents overflowing with fresh herbs, a wide variety of fruits and veggies, homemade baked goods, beautiful flowers, and just about everything else you can think of a Farmer’s Market having!

I just love it!

I’ve bought bought a lot of local, fresh produce from the Farmer’s Market this year, including the blueberries for my muffins and cheesecake and the jalapenos for my jalapeno poppers. I just think it tastes better! And I think it’s important to support local farmers; there’s my small-town roots showing through.

My favorite part, though, is the flowers! There are so many beautiful fresh flowers! I can’t leave without taking a bunch home for my kitchen table.


This weekend, my parents came up to visit and help me with some wedding planning (yay!!). So, I obviously brought them to the Farmer’s Market with me. We picked up a sea salt baguette that was simply wonderful! I also had a delicious chocolate croissant  My parents got some Wisconsin cheese curds and eggplant to take home with them. They have everything there!


I had an absolutely lovely time!

I hope that you can find a Farmer’s Market near you that is just as wonderful! And if you’re ever in Chicago in the summer or fall, be sure to check out the Division Street Farmer’s Market.


Happy Fall!



2 thoughts on “Go to Farmer’s Markets often: CHECK!

  1. in the first pic of you and your parents, i thought you cut your hair shorter and just saying… if you do cut your hair, that length would look FABULOUS on you. other than that, gorgeous flowers, gorgeous girl 🙂

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