Grown-up(ish) Friendship Bracelets

For the first time since 5th grade, I found myself making friendship bracelets the other day. These bracelets weren’t just for the girl sitting by me in PE. Oh no. These bracelets were important. My friend was moving to Texas and I needed to make sure that she did not forget me. Some people might take the traditional route and send a card or book a flight to visit them (both of which I did, too) or just trust that your friend wouldn’t forget you, but I was truly convinced that these little braids of string would really seal the deal. And so far, they’ve worked out pretty well. While I can’t guarantee that these little guys will mend any and all friendships, I can say that, at the very least, they will look pretty. So make a few for your old friends, new friends, wannabe friends and (obviously) yourself!

Have fun!

Braiding String (or yarn or twine or string of choice)
Small glass beads
Craft wire
1 button (or bead or charm)
Dab of Elmer’s Glue
Safety Pin

Cut two long strands of string, fold them in half and tie a loop knot at the top.

Snip off one of the strands close to the knot so you’re left with three strands.

Using the craft wire as a “needle,” string 7 beads on each strand. Or add more or less depending on how much of the bracelet you want beaded versus braided.

Slide the beads a little ways down on the strings and just braid normally for about an inch or so.

Continue to braid normally, but slide a bead up to the braid each time you cross the string from the outside to the middle for each braid “stitch.”


When you run out of beads, braid normally until it’s big enough to fit around your wrist.

Using the wire again, thread the string through the button (or bead or charm). Tie a few strong, tight knots.

Trim the ends. Seal with a tiny dab of Elmer’s glue. You want just enough to soak the ends a bit to keep the knots from unraveling.

And you’re done! Now go give them away!

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