Chicago’s Finest

Somedays, I swear that Chicago is the greatest city in the world. (I only say “somedays” because the other days I’m still trying to get used to the excessive traffic and lines at Starbucks.) This Saturday, was definitely one of those great days. My brother and I went to North Avenue beach. My bro lives in Chicago too and couldn’t believe that I’d never been to the beach before. It was absolutely lovely!

The waves were way taller than I expected, which was really cool. It was hot on the beach, but dropped a good 10 degrees when you got to the water, so it was perfect. It was crowded, but not packed, and we met some really lovely people. It seriously felt like I took a trip to florida for the day! Well, at least until I turned around and saw the prettiest skyline ever!

So we hung out, I had a pina colada at Castaways and had a really lovely day!

Well, at least until we got back to our stuff and I found my iPhone and Kindle were gone! So in my typical fashion, I started balling, and my bro was on mission to find the little punks! I was so lucky because I happen to walk by a cop talking to a girl, and I overhear the cop say “Kindle.” I automatically turned around and go, “That’s totally mine!” I told the cop how I was missing an iPhone and Kindle, and he asked if I could prove the kindle was mine. I claimed the Kindle by saying “It has all the Hunger Games books, several unread classics and My Horizontal Life.” Low and behold, the mystery Kindle met the description. I couldn’t believe it! But they couldn’t just give it to me. Plus, they still didn’t know where my phone was.

Next thing I know, I’m in the back of a cop car. (This photo was taken by another victim who still had her phone.)

So the cops split up, and one of them takes me and the other victims to the police station, while the other two are chasing down my iPhone. They tracked my phone to a trashcan near the beach, and the cops sifted through the trash until they found it. Thanks, guys!

The cops detained two of the theives involved. Turns out the perpetrator was about 12 years old and working with his older sister. The sister would watch for people with flashy items, wait for the owners to walk away, and then send the kid after the goods. Apparently there was a third kid too, and they passed my phone off to him, who threw the phone in a trashcan to avoid getting caught.

So I end up at the 18th district police station with my new friends who had their stuff stolen too. Even though they said we just needed to come into the station to sign something, we ended up being there for a few hours before we could recover our stuff. My first question after they sat us down though was, “Can we have candy!?” They had a whole wall of snacks and candy and a fridge full of drinks, which totally made the whole experience worth it.

Anyway, the other cops come back, we fill out our paperwork, we sign for our stuff, and were ultimately released. The cop even give us a ride home!

While the CPD might have a bad rep in Chicago, I was thoroughly impressed by how they handled this situation! Every officer I met was so polite and helpful. They greatly exceded my expectations and treated us with the utmost respect. As soon as I got home, the first thing I did was disinfect my phone. The next thing was write a thank you letter to CPD and all the cops involved in my case!

All in all, I had a really great day! I had a fun day at the beach with my brother, I didn’t get sun burnt and I got to ride in a cop car and go to the police station for the first time ever! Plus I got all my stuff back! It was a very exciting day!

There’s bad people no matter where you go, but it’s nice to know that there are good people out there who have your back! Thanks for being awesome, Chicago!

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