Chicago NATO Summit 2012

As (hopefully all of) you know, the NATO Summit was held in Chicago this year. I won’t pose to be an expert on the subject, but I can tell you that this is the first time that the summit was held in a US city other than D.C. and that a lot of very important people were in town for it. As it turns out though, a lot of people really don’t like NATO and there were tons of protestors. There were also lots and lots and lots of cops! I found all of these things to be incredibly exciting! So my boyfriend and I went downtown to see one of the biggest protests which involved several different organizations and causes marching from Grant Park (which was the site of their morning rally) to McCormick Place (the site of the summit). It was absolutely fascinating! Fortunately, all the protests were relatively peaceful, but the police in riot gear, swarms of Homeland Security officials and vans of SWAT teams made for a very unique feeling in the Loop! Check out pictures!

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