Journey to Colored Jeans

I just decided today that I am completely in love with this colored denim trend! At first I thought they were tacky, then I thought they’d look weird on me and now I’m chomping at the bit to buy a pair or three or ten! Props definitely go to my friend at work who convinced me that I could pull them off.

The only problem is that I have no clue where to buy them! I know they’re everywhere, but there’s such a wide variety of colors, styles, fits, brands, prices, etc! I guess this is a good time to tell you that I’m usually not a very good shopper. I wear a lot of solid greys, blacks and navys and buy most of my stuff from American Eagle, Forever 21 and recently Old Navy and Loft. I’m really lame. I’m also apparently still 16 and think those stores are cool. Anyway, I’m just really overwhelmed! I see all these adorable outfits on Pinterest, but no links to where to buy them! This is the style I’m going for:

I want to pair my new pants with heals and a flow-y shirt. Or maybe color block with another colored top! It’ll be great as soon as I can pick a pair! My problem is that I am cheap. I want cute things, but I would prefer to not pay a lot for them. It’s a terrible combination. This post actually a decision-making exercise in real time. The goal is to decide before I finish. Ready, set, go!

*   *   *

I’ve recently started to default to JCPenny when looking for decently cute, really cheap things. They really came through today, when I stumbled upon these jeans for only 15 dollars in April! What a steal! I thought that these would be a good starter pair, since I’m not sure how these bright pants will look on me.

My next stop was American Eagle. (American Eagle is one of the stores I thought was still cool for a 24 year old — I still defend that it is!) I really fell in love with these colored jeans. Plus, I know that AE skinny jeans fit me like a dream. These were $45 dollars, which seemed like a lot at the time. I really liked the Teaberry Pink color, but they don’t have that in my size. My coworker suggested this yellow color, which I’m actually really starting to like.

At this point, I started checking aggregate fashion sites like Pinterest or Google images (ha). I was directed to Zappos (which I didn’t start liking styles until they were in the $80 range), eBay (which looked real shady to be honest), PipeLime (which was too annoying to navigate), and eventually Mango. They didn’t have a ton to choose from, but I did really, really like this pair (and those wedges!). They were $60 though. The prices just kept climbing!

Now I was getting frustrated. I just wanted my perfect, bright and pretty new pants! My last-ditched effort was a fashion blog that was recommend to me at work recently called J’s Everyday Fashion. It’s a delightful blog by a fashion journalist out of Florida who could make a paper bag look good (which is only slightly discouraging). Anyway, she had a post about her April Budget and listed a pair of light pink jeans from Limited. I was not feeling optimistic, because I only expected them to be more expensive than the ones I was looking at before, but I clicked anyway. I thought: Jackpot.

They were the exact color I wanted at American Eagle that they were sold out of. They got killer reviews. A girl wrote that she was 5’3″ and that they were the perfect length (I’m 5’3″). AND they were under $40!  Too good to be true? (This is where the story gets sad). Or so I thought. When I went to purchase my favorite jeans, I realized that only certain colors were $39, and the color I wanted was actualy $70. Heart. Broken.

So now I was back at square one. I defaulted to J’s blog hoping for another steal and did find some cute pairs from dELIA’s, but they were all $40, too. At this point, I realized just how lazy I am and just how bad of a shopper I am. Two hours later, I am sick of online jean shopping and defaulting to my great-fitting AE skinny jeans in yellow zest. Done and done. I will certainly let you know how they turn out!

2 thoughts on “Journey to Colored Jeans

    • Thanks so much for the tip, Sophie! I will definitely check them out! Total bummer that they don’t have online shopping near me, but I’ll be by one tomorrow so I’ll have to keep an eye out. Thanks! =)

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