I worked at Starbucks from age 16 to 22. These were primary caffeine-dependency development years. These were the years that make a coffee addict. These were the years that separate the boys (8-A.M-coffee-drinkers) from the men (8-P.M.-coffee-drinkers). These were the years of all-night study sessions, all-night 24 marathons and 5 A.M. opens (which inevitably always followed all-night bar crawls). These were the years when eight hours of sleep was easily replaced with a iced quad espresso.

When you work at Starbucks during these defining years, you’re given the tools and products to coddle your relationship with coffee, and things can get out of hand really quickly. During these building years, I was given high-quality coffee, for free, on a daily basis.

Then I quit. It was a very sad day, half because I left the job that paid for everything from prom tickets to college loans and half because I now had to actually pay for coffee. This was mind-blowing to me. I quickly realized that I had an addiction that I (figuratively) couldn’t afford to quit and (literally) couldn’t afford to uphold.

I was officially a coffee snob who still needed her fix but couldn’t afford a daily triple  grande nonfat no whip mocha. So I swallowed my pride, bought a $10 coffee maker, a Black-Friday-special coffee grinder and started splitting a $13 pound of Starbucks whole bean coffee with the boyfriend every week. In the way that having to buy your own food is a shock after moving away from home, having to pay for a pound of Starbucks coffee that you got for free for 6 yeas was just as rough. It was just what I needed, though, to balance my need for good coffee with the thickness of my pocketbook.

This all leads me to the purpose of this post, which is to share something with you that I really enjoy. Today, I wanted to tell you about the best coffee tumbler that I have ever owned. In case you forgot, I worked at Starbucks for 6 years and have owned a LOT of tumblers! I am kind of an expert on the topic. I’d also like to point out that Starbucks stopped sending me paychecks eight months ago and no part of this is a paid endorsement.

This is the Starbucks double wall, stainless steal coffee tumbler in red. It keeps coffee hot like nobody’s business. I take my coffee to work in the morning, but sometimes I get caught up doing this, that and the other thing. Somedays I even forget I have coffee until after lunch, and guess what? My coffee is STILL hot! Not only does it keep coffee hot for almost ever, but it seals like a dream! I carry it to work in my lunch bag, which gets knocked all around on a crowded bus, and it never spills in transit.

Kenny has the same one silver. He’s actually the reason I picked this one in the first place. I was at a Starbucks yesterday and they still had the silver and red version of this cup. You can also order the blue version online here.

I just wanted to pass this recommendation along to anyone in the to-go coffee cup market! I just love it so much and would highly recommend it.

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