Big Games

I really like sports. I love playing sports, watching sports, cheering for sports, dressing like I’m playing sports … you get the idea. Some sports I know better than others, but I know the general rules and basic strategy of most sports (other than lacrosse, I dont really know anything about lacrosse).

I’m usually not really big on basketball, but I can dig post-season play in just about anything. With a best friend from Kansas and a boyfriend who needed Kansas in the championships to win his bracket, I found myself rooting for Kansas whole-heartedly. It’s fun to have a team to cheer for. It really makes it all much more exciting!  Anyway, with the nail-biting games over the past few days, I started thinking about other big games (or meets) that have been really exciting for me over the years! Check out my slide show with photos from a few of them!


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