Lovin’ on Aiko

I talk about my boyfriend, Kenny, a lot on EmJoyable, but the truth is that he is not my only roommate. This house wouldn’t be a home without the sweet songs my little pet parakeet singing to Taylor Swift all day. My little green best friend is a staple in this apartment, and I just realized that she has not had nearly enough screen time! She is a budgerigar, which is a breed of small parrots native to Australia. Aiko is truly part of the family. She has a very distinctive personally, which is adventurous, yet, a complete coward. She’s a total cuddle bug who loves anyone who will let her nibble on their sleeve. She’s sweet and kind of dumb, so you have to forgive her when she bites. She hasn’t quite mastered the art of kisses. I wanted to share a few photos and interesting facts about my favorite little flyer!

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet my little budgie, Aiko!

1. Aiko allegedly means “little one” in Japanese and looks like this: 愛子. (I say allegedly because I don’t speak Japanese and Google shows mixed reports.)

2. She is almost 3 years old.

3. She once laid an egg because she thought I was her mate. She was later very upset when I didn’t fertilize her eggs.

4. She recently mastered the art of flying, and she quickly decided that my head was her favorite place to land.

5. She does a cute little “Good Night!” chirp every time Kenny turns out the lights.

6. She has a mad crush oh a little blue bell that she pushes around 24/7.

7. She loves nibbling on Kenny’s toes, Taylor Swift and orange peels.

8. Aiko cost me $15 dollars … we have since spent almost $300 on vet bills when she decided to pluck a blood feather out and develop a bacterial infection.

9. She will chew on just about everything other than the fruits and veggies that she’s actually supposed to eat.

10. She loves adventures as long as they don’t involve wondering more than three feet from her cage.


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