Fashion Limbo

It’s a really awkward time for shopping. Bright spring colors adorn the window displays, while winter clothes sit on the clearance racks. Who wants to buy a cable-knit sweater when a bright floral sundress is looking stunning on the mannequin? Not me — although I’m sure come next fall, I will wish that I had. It’s frustrating because I want to buy those hot, new spring clothes, but I also hate spending money on things that I’m not going to be able to wear for several months. A few weeks ago, Ann Taylor Loft had a Style Closet feature on just this problem. Their solution was to make your spring clothes work twice as hard. They featured several spring staples and showed how you could wear them in winter and spring by just changing a few parts of your outfit. That is what inspired this post.

I found two staples at Forever 21 the other day that I just loved. They where part of their spring line, but since they were from Forever 21, I could afford to buy them and play around with them. Take a look at how I changed a couple things to make both things work for winter and summer. (Please ignore the MySpace photography … I don’t have a timer function on my phone.)


Black and White Striped Mini-Dress – $11.50

Paired with a gold chain belt, black tights and high heals. Top it off with a classic peacoat, and you’re set for a winter night out.

Add a white denim jacket with a touch of colorful embroidery to brighten the outfit up a bit. Throw on a pair of black flat sandals and a loose braid, and you have a perfect outfit for a summer night bonfire.


Sheer Woven Blouse in Vanilla – $13.50

Wear this blouse over a black tank, with black tights and a high-wasted skirt. Add a necklace with something loud and black to tie the outfit together, and this darling outfit can play sexy and sweet for a chic date night or night out.

Swap out the black skirt and tank for bright peach colors, lose the tights and sub in a pair of wedges or summery heals. Top this outfit off with a brightly colored beaded necklace and you’re all set for an outdoor luncheon or a day out shopping with the girls.

What are your staples that know no seasonal lines?

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