A Major Award

I am super excited about this post!! For a lot of reasons, but largely because I feel like I’m starting to form a blogging community of sorts, which is very exciting! In short? I won an award!

Thanks so much to my friend Steph from one of my FAVORITE blogs, Pumpkin Love, for this award! She is by far the craftiest girl I’ve ever met and has SO many cute ideas! She is also the best crocheter … probably ever. She is certainly my inspiration in all my crocheting endeavors. She’s just another example of how you meet the best people working at Starbucks.

So, the rules for this award are:
1. Thank the person that nominated you with a link back to them (see above).
2. Tell 7 things about yourself (see below).
3. Pass this award on to 15 newly discovered blogs and let them know that they’ve received an award. (I have to cheat on this part … because I don’t follow that many blogs! I know I should start! But I’ve modified it to my top 10. Please forgive me!)
7 things about me:

1. My best friend is 4 inches tall and green — my little birdie named, Aiko!
2. I am currently addicted to the Hunger Games.
3. I seriously love candy … like a ridiculous amount. Favorites include Sour Skittles, Sour Patch Kids and gummy Life Savers
4. I cannot stand rude people or people who ignore basic social conventions.
5. Despite my lofty adventures in baking, basic sugar cookies remain my favorite thing in the world to make.
6. I worked at Starbucks for exactly 6 years … I’m still not sure there’s a better job on the planet. (My favorite drink is either an iced grande nonfat caramel macchiato or a tripple grande nonfat no whip 3 pump peppermint mocha, in case you were wondering. I feel like people always do!)
7. I’m an advertiser’s dream … as in if I see people in an ad having fun using/doing/buying X, I always want to use/do/buy X so I can have fun too!

10 of my fave blogs…ready, go!

1. Alex from HRH Collection has taught me everything I know about fashion….which unfortunately still is not that much. She’s just adorable!

2. My brother Adam and his girlfriend Kayiu built Ourchived which other than having a genius name, is a collection of beautiful photos and text about their adventures together! I LOVE it!

3. Kayiu also has her own Tumblr, KHOXXXXX, with her cooking endeavors, which all look incredible! She is such an ambitious and creative cook! Just another reason to wish I lived in NYC with them!

4. Ellen and Aileen from Love & Lavender have taken my premature wedding planning to a riduclous obsession! I can’t wait until I try to get my cozy, DIY and slightly hipster wedding featured on their blog!

5. My friend Emily from Embo has a darling Tumblr that is just lovely! She is SUCH a good writer! I really enjoy her style and the way her personality and humor shines through. I really feel like she reading her posts to me. Props, Emily!

6. Denise from SUPERWOWOMG is a friend of Adam & Kayiu’s, and they got me hooked on her blog. She’s a classic NYC fashionista who is everything that I’m not. She has stunning photos in beautiful outfits that I wish I could rock.

7. Steph actually got me hooked on Molly from Urban Nester, and she is just so refreshing! She’s just adorable and optimistic and she hangs out at coffee shops, and I just really enjoy her blog!

8. Talk about pretty things … I really enjoy Grosgrain, which is a crafting blog that has some really great inspiration for home decor crafts.

9. Staci from Crafty Staci has some great tutorials!

10. I just love the girl from Pretty Girls Cook, who is giving a great name to pretty cooks everywhere! (Don’t know her name though =/ eek!)
*   *   *

Thanks again Steph for the award and for all my favorite bloggers who inspire me everyday!



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